Obsolete models

During childhood my favorite games were farm models. I had some Britains, some Yaxon, few Ros, few Forma plast and others. I still have many of them in my showcases and some are still soiled with the dust and the earth of those years. I had a big farm, which I still cherish. Like all of you, I still remember the first tractor I got.

At the time, of course, I treated these models just like games and not as valuable collectibles, so today I'm still looking for those old models in better condition than I left my tractors! I collect farm models starting from 1977 when I was 5 years old. then, when I was 15 years old, I stopped (I didn’t thought to tractors any more) and my collection has remained steady until 20 years ago when I started looking for those old models with which I spent many hours of my childhood.

Some models on the photos you can see in MY COLLECTION section are double or triple and I’m available to swap or sell with similar which missing to my collection, so if you'd like to exchange, sell or buy obsolete models please send me an email and we will surely agree because I'm always looking for obsolete models from 70's and 80's (above all Italian models such as FIAT, SAME, LANDINI etc) so if you have anything like that and please contact me.

Britains 1


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